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1-Scientists have recently discovered an increasing number of statistical regularities in

language that infants can use to help learning language.

2-In a conventional computer, the present of a group of electrons shows up as a negative

charge and represents the "zero state" in binary logic, called a bit.

3-Although we tend to think of floral smells as sweet and appealing, flowers produce

variety of odors, depending on the preferences of their pollinators.

4-Anger and negative affect may trigger smoking in some people.

5-Evidence of alive bacterial cells entering the Earth's upper atmosphere from space has

come from a joint project involving Indian and UK scientists.

6-we can do things with quantum mechanics that are impossible on classic machines.

7-Used a combination of chemistry and molecular genetics, researchers have found a way

to attach a wide range of molecules to the surface of a virus.

8-Global warming and the partial melting of polar ice sheets can dramatically affect not only sea levels and Earth's climate

9-Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) are the radiant energy received by the Earth from the sun,

over all wavelengths, outside the atmosphere.

10-Fragrance, in flowers, is a variable and elusive commodity, evolved solely to help

plants reproduce by attraction the insects and animals they need to spread their pollen.

11-Animal movement can offer ideas on how organize a cooperating colony of robots

capable of complex operations.

12-In the ongoing quest to create computing devices that are both incredibly small and

incredibly powerful, scientists have been worked to use molecules for information storage and processing.

13-An obvious, positively aspect of using nitrogen as a fertilizer has been a huge increase

in food production in poor nations.

14-Aerosols affect clouds by suppressing rain and increasing their residence time.

15-Many national and international computing lab are now involved in large-scale

scientific studies of nuclear and high-energy physics, astronomy, geology and meteorology.

16-Optical properties are almost entirely due the electrical response of materials to one of

the two available fields - the electric field.

17-Climate models are in general agree that one of the strongest signals of greenhouse

warming will be a loss of Arctic sea ice.

18-Researchers at the University of Rochester have found that roughly 80 percent of our

cognition power may be cranking away on tasks completely unknown to us.

19-Despite of sub-zero temperatures, the Earth's warming north may add more carbon to

the atmosphere from soil, accelerating climate warming further.

20-Some animals, like squirrels, mice and beavers, gather extrimly food in the fall and store it to eat later.

21-For most people, walking swimming, running, cycling, playing sports ------- for stress management exercise.
A) all excellent choices
B) all excellenc choices
C) all excellent choose
D) are all excellent choices

22-In terms of the mental benefits, --------- negative emotions such as anger and irritability.
A) exercise allow you let out
B) exercise allows you to let out
C) exercise allows you letting out
D) exercise allow you to lets out

23- -------- other physical benefits such as a greater elasticity of the blood vessels and increase of oxygen throughout your body.
A) Stress managements through exercise has
B) Stress management through exercise has
C) Stress manages through exercise have
D) Stress manages through exercise has

24-Rhythmic aerobic and yoga exercises -------, anxiety, and sleeplessness.
A) may particularly helpful for combating stress
B) may be particularly helpful for combating stress
C) may be particularly help for combating stress
D) may be helpfull particularly for combating stress

25-Organic solar cells ------- something like printing or spraying the materials onto a roll of plastic.
A) could manufacture in a process
B) could be manufactured in a process
C) manufactured in a process
D) could manufacturing in a process

26-A new research from NASA scientists -------- the way sunlight reflects off snow.
A) suggests emission of black soot alternate
B) suggest emissions of black soot alters
C) suggesting emissions of black soot alternates
D) suggests emissions of black soot alter

27-Numerous scientific studies show that keeping a positive attitude -------.
A) keep a person healthy
B) can keep a person health
C) can be kept a person healthy
D) can keep a person healthy

28-The best stress management advice, after you have seen your doctor about starting an exercise program, --------.
A) is to pick an exercise you enjoy
B) picks exercise you enjoy
C) is to pick an exercise enjoying
D) would be picked an exercise you enjoy

29-In a ------- of a group of electrons shows up as a negative charge and represents the "zero state" in binary logic, called a bit.
A) conventional, the presence
B) conventional computer, the present
C) conventional computers the presence
D) conventional computer, the presence

30- Understanding computer memory is very important because memory is ---------.
A) what enables your PC to operate
B) what does enable your PC to operate
C) which enables your PC to operate
D) what does your PC enable to operate

31-Only recently ------- sustained near vision tasks for year after year beginning at a young age.
A) have most of us performed
B) most of us have performed
C) has most of us performed
D) have most of us performing

32-Scientists have developed a hydrogen-making catal
yst that uses cheaper materials and yields fewer contaminants -------.
A) than do current processes
B) do current processes
C) than current processes do
D) than current processes does
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